Our greatest weakness is our unwillingness to believe in Krishna’s love for us

We often think of our weaknesses in terms of lust or anger or greed or envy. Yes, these are weaknesses, but they all are the shoots arising from a foundational weakness: misdirected love.

Gita wisdom explains that we all are souls who are eternal parts of Krishna and are meant to love him and delight in that love eternally. Unfortunately however, instead of loving him, we are at present loving worldly things.

Why do we misdirect our love? It is not so much because worldly objects are irresistibly attractive; it is because we don’t believe that our love for Krishna will be reciprocated – we doubt whether he cares. Due to this disbelief, we let ourselves be allured by worldly things, believing their promises of pleasure.

Actually however, Krishna always loves us, even when we don’t reciprocate with his love. Only out of his love for us is he constantly present in our heart as our friend and guide. No matter how we are morally, spiritually or behaviorally, Krishna still loves us. The Bhagavad-gita (05.29) declares that he is the well-wisher of all living beings, without any exception.

Conquering specific weaknesses is like cutting weeds at the surface, but uprooting them requires us to redirect our love towards Krishna. When we hear about his loving nature from scriptures in the association of devotees, the resulting spiritual illumination convinces us that Krishna loves us and that he wants us to love him.

Empowered by that conviction, we get the determination to direct our love towards him, and as a result of that loving intent, we muster the strength to overcome our particular weaknesses.

By thus addressing the fundamental weakness of our lack of faith in Krishna’s love for us, we can address all our weaknesses, fully and forever.

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  1. our wisdom lies to think that that KRISHNA is always aside us

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  2. Hare Krishna Prabhu ji. This is really very enlightening and inspirational explanation of the verse. Thank you so much.

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