Our inner screen is lined with lying links – be leery

Suppose we are reading an online article and adjacent to it are many links that turn out to be deceptive. They promise something free but then ask for our bank details to fleece us. If we are misled once by a lying link, we will become leery about similar links.

We all need to be leery about our mind because it is lined with false links, namely, desires for sensual pleasures. Our mind is like an inner screen on which are displayed inputs from the world that we need to respond to. But along with this necessary information, our mind also displays numerous sensual desires: “Eat this, watch this, touch this.” Actually however, if we indulge in those desires, we may get a little pleasure, but will end up with a lot of trouble: wasted time, aggravated desire, karmic reactions. Nectar in the beginning, poison in the end – such is the nature of sensual pleasures (Bhagavad-gita 18.38).

However, we can’t entirely reject the mind; it is an essential tool for us souls to function in the material world. Helping us become aware of the presence of such misleading links, the Gita (06.05) cautions that the mind can be our friend as well as our enemy – the onus is on us to elevate ourselves with it, not degrade ourselves. How can we elevate ourselves using the mind? By focusing on the necessary content within it.

Gita wisdom helps us focus thus by providing us a strong spiritual purpose: to center our attention on the supreme spiritual reality, Krishna, the source of the supreme happiness. When we connect with him by practicing bhakti-yoga and by doing our various essential activities in a mood of loving service, we access a higher spiritual joy that makes neglecting the mind’s misleading links easier.

Think it over:

  1. Why do we need to be leery while dealing with the mind?
  2. Why are sensual desires like the mind’s lying links?
  3. How does Gita wisdom help us to use the mind constructively?

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