Our mistakes are not Krishna’s plan, but Krishna’s plan accommodates our mistakes

Some people say, “Everything is God’s plan.”

Is it really? Are our mistakes his plan? If some people become alcoholics or commit suicide, did God plan that they ruin their lives?

Gita wisdom explains that Krishna has a plan for our ultimate well-being: he wants us to realize our spiritual identity and destiny, thereby relishing eternal love for him. For this plan to work expeditiously, we need to play our part. How? By learning to love him and to live harmoniously with his will. If we act otherwise, giving in to our mind’s shortsighted impulses, those actions are our mistakes; Krishna didn’t want us to make those mistakes. Nonetheless, Krishna’s plan is so resilient that it isn’t foiled by our lapses – it accommodates those wrong choices.

To illustrate, consider the example of driving to a destination along an unfamiliar route, being guided by Google Maps. Suppose the Map app tells us to turn right, but we turn left. The app doesn’t quit; it immediately re-calibrates and shows us a modified route. Similarly, if we make a mistake, Krishna doesn’t abandon us; he still stays in our heart and keeps guiding us to come back on track. The Bhagavad-gita (18.61) states that he always accompanies us during our worldly wanderings.

Of course, mistakes aren’t inconsequential. While driving, if we take a wrong turn, we prolong our drive. Similarly, if we make wrong choices, we delay our spiritual growth and may even have to incur karmic consequences. But still, we will never be deprived of Krishna’s unfailing love and untiring guidance.

Thus, knowing that Krishna has a plan for us brings positivity; knowing that we need to play our part responsibly brings gravity. And serving him with positivity and gravity propels us to life’s supreme destination: Krishna’s eternal ecstatic abode.

Think it over:

  1. What is Krishna’s plan for us?
  2. How does Krishna’s plan accommodate our mistakes?
  3. How can we infuse our life-journey with positivity and gravity?


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  1. BHAKTI means offering words and deeds to KRISHNA

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  2. This is an eye opener to me Prabhuji.

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  3. How wonderfully explained! Thank you Prabhuji! You are doing such a great service to the Lord. May Lord Krishna continue to shower his blessings on you and may you keep bringing to us such wonderful spiritual secrets!

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