Outreach is not just about expression of the truth, but also about impression with the truth

The Bhagavad-gita features Krishna, the Absolute Truth, speaking the Absolute Truth. Krishna’s speaking the Gita could be said to be the paradigmatic outreach initiative. It comprises the Absolute Truth reaching out to illumine a confused soul in need of the truth.

Krishna does a marvelous job integrating the many thought-systems prevalent at that time within a magnificent bhakti-centered worldview that answers rationally life’s fundamental questions. And yet he doesn’t stop with that alone. After calling upon Arjuna to deliberate before deciding (18.63), he goes on to make touching declarations of affection to Arjuna (18.64-66): “I am determined to love you” (64), “You are dear to me – I speak for your benefit” (65) and “I will protect you from all sinful reactions – do not fear” (66).

The Gita’s conclusion thus demonstrates an acute awareness that we humans are not just creatures of the head, but also creatures of the heart.

Those of us who are serving Krishna by sharing his message need to develop a similar sensitivity to people’s heads and hearts.

We need to not just give expression to the truth – we need to also make an impression with the truth. Impression can refer to the image we portray. And it can refer to the impact we have inside a person’s mind and heart, as in “Seeing a saint made a great impression on my heart.”

Just as Krishna makes an impression that is transformational by speaking not just from the head to the head, but also from the heart to the heart, so too can we strive to do according to our capacity.

By focusing thus on both faithful expression and fruitful impression, we can help others to not just accept the truth, but will also be elevated and liberated by the truth.

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  1. outreach is both the expression and impression of the TRUTH

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