People who are too full of themselves are empty

Egoistic people think and talk only about themselves: “I went here, I achieved this, I experienced this, I am so great.” Even if others talk about something else, that just activates their autobiography narration mode, and they start speaking about themselves, on and on. They think, consciously or subconsciously, that others exist primarily for serving as their receptive, admiring audiences. By their self-centeredness, they annoy and alienate others, though others may conceal such emotions as long as the egoists have power.

The Bhagavad-gita (16.04) states that such self-obsession characterizes the ungodly.

Their arrogance keeps them in ignorance – they are so full of themselves that they can’t think of anything bigger than themselves, leave alone focus on that higher reality. Thus, they stay unaware and deprived of the sublime joy of connecting with the ultimate reality, Krishna, the reservoir of all happiness.

However much they inflate their ego, their heart remains empty, bereft of fulfilling reciprocation with both Krishna and others. Sooner or later, as time’s inexorable force starts taking away the things that fueled their egomania, their inner emptiness starts becoming undeniable and unbearable.

How can we avoid such a fate? By changing the basis of our fullness – instead of being full of ourselves, we can strive to become full of Krishna. Rather than delighting in our own glories, we can learn to delight in Krishna’s glories. Whereas our glories are temporary and finite, his glories are eternal and infinite. How do we taste Krishna’s glories? By practicing bhakti-yoga which trains and equips us to focus on Krishna, instead of on ourselves. Moreover, bhakti wisdom helps us to re-envision whatever good we have: it has come from Krishna and is meant to take us towards him.

By steady bhakti practice, when we become full of Krishna, we become joyful, eternally joyful.

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  1. Beautiful explanation. It is a nectar and thank you very much for valuable guidance. I aspire to always be your servant. Please continue writing the nectar of gitadaily. Bless me to be fully filled with Krsna bakthi
    All glories to krsna.

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