Perfectionism is a serial killer in high heels

When we try to improve ourselves, we often desire to become perfect in that area. Such perfectionism or obsession with perfection is a deceptive and destructive temptation – like a serial killer in high heels. Just as the glamor of someone in high heels lowers our guard, so does the perfectionism deceive us into lowering our guard. And then perfectionism strangles our spontaneity, creativity and humility.

Spontaneity: We all have some sense, however inchoate or nascent, that certain things naturally attract us. That spontaneous attraction is often indicative of some area in which we can strive for improvement more easily than other areas. Such spontaneity can be a gift that helps us create a better life, but when we become perfectionists, we choke our spontaneity – because what we do spontaneously, we rarely do perfectly.

Creativity: When we are spontaneously attracted to something and if we nourish that spontaneous attraction, we can use our creativity to find some way to move ahead. And if we are creative, we can find pathways through obstacles and solutions to problems. But such creative attempts are not always perfect.

Humility: If at all we do achieve a high standard of excellence in some area, we become so proud of ourselves that we start looking down at others; we are stripped of our humility. And this loss of humility hurts our relationships not just with others, but also with ourselves. We become our own worst judges, holding all our endeavors against a past excellent achievement that we may just not be able to replicate; that feat may be due to divine grace that acts independent of our plan.

Pertinently, the Bhagavad-gita (18.48) stresses that all endeavors are covered by faults just as fire is covered by smoke. By letting go of perfectionism, we can start and stay on the path to improvement.

Think it over:

  • How is perfectionism like a serial killer in high heels?
  • What all does perfectionism kill?
  • In what areas is perfectionism choking you?

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