Reposition the mind as the object of observation instead of its subject

Seekers often question: “My mind keeps getting distracted from Krishna. What can I do?”

Make the mind the object of observation, answers Gita wisdom.

Usually, the outer world is our object of observation. But our observation of external objects is colored by the mood of our mind, just as our observation is colored by the color of our lens. Thus when the mind is infected by lust, our observation gravitates towards sexually alluring forms wherever we see.

Instead of readily joining the mind as a co-subject in its petty curiosity, we can strive to observe the mind itself.

To counter such distraction, we need to reposition the mind as the object of our observation instead of its subject. That is, when the mind wants to observe something mundane, instead of readily joining it as a co-subject in its petty curiosity, we can strive to observe the mind itself. By evaluating its mood, we can decide whether it and whatever has caught its fancy deserve our attention.

How can we remember to do this when the mind is distracting us?

By prior steady philosophical education and devotional meditation.

These twin tools will convince us of the futility of pandering to the mind’s fancies and the glory of contemplating on Krishna. Equipped with this conviction, we will no longer remain naïve subjects of the mind’s manipulation. When it starts distracting us from what we know we should be doing, we will see through its shenanigans and resume our focus on Krishna and our service to him. The Bhagavad-gita (06.26) recommends such a purposeful reorientation of the wandering mind.

Though such conscientiousness may seem demanding initially, it will soon become fulfilling as we relish the joy of connecting with Krishna and of seeing the connectedness of things with him. As higher, sweeter vistas of devotional awareness open for us, the mind’s distractions will lose their charm and fade to insignificance.

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  1. Thank you very much prji. I value your gita daily posts very much. They sustain and nourish my spiritual life everyday.
    Thank you very much for your unlimited kindness.

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  2. HARE KRISHNA Dear Prabhu, Thank you very much for these most important perspectives in our journey to Krishna Consciousness.It helps so very much to have your association! All Glories to Srila Prabhupada! Lorraine

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