See God’s love not just in relief from problems, but also in relief amidst problems

When we face problems too big for us to manage on our own, we frequently seek divine help.

However, the material world by its very nature is characterized by change – and such change is the source of most of our problems. When we approach God for getting relief from such problems, we base our relationship with him on an unrealistic foundation.

To build our relationship with God on a more real foundation, we need Gita wisdom. It explains that God, Krishna, is the all-attractive Supreme, who is the embodiment and fulfillment of everything we find attractive.  When we approach him to become lovingly absorbed in him by practicing bhakti-yoga, the peace, power and pleasure we relish in that absorption makes us realize that other things are not all-that-consequential. The resulting calmness and clarity help us respond more effectively to whatever problems we face. The Gita (18.58) assures that those who become conscious of Krishna transcend all obstacles.

When absorption in Krishna gives us solace and strength even in the presence of problems, we realize that he is a greater reality than the external world that we normally consider as real. And this realization serves us as undeniable evidence of the essential spiritual truths that we are Krishna’s eternal parts, and that Krishna is Krishna’s greatest blessing. Thus, we learn to see his love through the relief his remembrance provides us amidst problems, rather than in the relief from those problems by some external change. With this educated vision, we understand that he always loves us – no matter what happens in our life, he is always waiting to give us shelter through his remembrance.

When Krishna’s love becomes our life’s defining and driving reality, we move confidently through life’s inevitable dualities towards his eternal joyful abode.

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