Service attitude is the torch that lights the next step amidst the darkness of perplexity

Suppose we are walking through an unfamiliar area and suddenly the power goes off. We may rant initially, but soon we will turn on our phone flashlight and move, one step at a time, towards a safer area.

In the journey of life, sometimes things suddenly start falling apart, and we can’t make sense of what is happening or what we are meant to do. If we insist that things go according to our plan, the darkness of perplexity and resentment devours us.

Thankfully, we have a better option – we can turn on the torchlight of service attitude. Gita wisdom reminds us that we are indestructible souls and can find eternal security in loving service to Krishna. By direct devotional activities such as scriptural study, meditation and prayer, we can find inner calm. Such sublime peace assures us that Krishna is still in control and is still benevolent – we just need to do our part in his plan. The Bhagavad-gita (18.58) assures that when we become conscious of Krishna, his grace helps us pass over all obstacles.

What does becoming conscious of Krishna mean practically? It means asking, “How can I serve you, O Lord?” Such service attitude can act as a torchlight that shows us our next step. It shifts our focus from what has gone wrong to what we can do right. If we faithfully use our God-given intelligence to do what we can, we will see one thing we can do, then another and then yet another.

Soon, to our relief and joy, we will find that the night of perplexity has ended and the day of clarity has dawned. More importantly, we will have realized the illuminating power of service attitude – a realization that will solace and strengthen us lifelong.


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