Stop expecting the mind to give up trying to make us give up

When we resolve to do something positive and fail, the mind may dishearten us, “You can’t do it. Just give up.” We may still persevere, but the mind may keep discouraging us. And we may wonder, “Will this inner voice never stop discouraging me?”

The mind has many conditionings that don’t go away very easily or quickly, thus making the conditioned mind unrelentingly pessimistic. Rather than expecting the mind to stop being negative, we need to use our intelligence to internalize strong reasons for persevering. That is, we need to set up other inner voices that counter the mind’s voice. If we boost these positive inner voices with spiritual wisdom, they become much more powerful, persistent and persuasive.

Gita wisdom explains that we are at our core spiritual pure. We do have impurities surrounding us right now, but those impurities can be countered by the omnipotent grace of Krishna, whose parts we are internally. When we practice bhakti-yoga and gradually realize the truth that Krishna loves us, unconditionally and unfailingly, that realization boosts our inner positivity enormously.

Further, our devotional connection with Krishna clarifies our intelligence, helping us better understand what practical things block us in sticking to our resolutions and what aid us. Then, we can make the necessary practical changes, thereby giving our positivity a greater basis in reality.

Pertinently, the Gita (06.05) urges us to use our inner voice to elevate ourselves and to not let it degrade us.

Instead of expecting the inner pessimist to stop disheartening us, we can establish and empower our inner optimist with spiritual devotion and intelligence to press on in spite of that pessimist. Over time, when that pessimist is repeatedly neglected, it will become increasingly silenced, thereby making our inner world an aid in our positive resolutions.

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