Take mindfulness to its fullness by becoming mindful of the fullest reality

Mindfulness is, broadly speaking, the conscious awareness of what we are doing, why we are doing it, what we are thinking and why we are thinking it. Being mindful can check our thoughts from going off in unhealthy directions.

Our present awareness is shaped by the modes of material nature infecting us. In the modes of passion and ignorance, we are caught in fantasizing about future worldly pleasures or lamenting about past worldly sorrows. In the mode of goodness, we become aware of the reality of things around us: we perceive material reality better, and we start perceiving spiritual reality. As we move from goodness toward transcendence, our perception of spiritual reality expands.

In the mode of goodness, we see the spiritual essence underlying all living beings (Bhagavad-gita 05.18). How our awareness expands in the spiritual realm is described in the Gita (06.30-32). Those who see Krishna in everything and everything in Krishna are never lost to him, nor is he ever lost to them (06.30). They see that the one supreme being present in all living beings is non-different from Krishna (06.31). They see the essential similarity of all living beings by comparison with themselves (06.32) – they see that all living beings are parts of the whole, Krishna, and are meant to be connected with him.

The process of bhakti-yoga helps us become aware not just of the reality around us, as does mindfulness. It also helps us become aware of the ultimate reality, Krishna, in whom we are situated and who is situated in us. Krishna, being the all-attractive supreme, is both the foundation of the highest reality and the source of the highest joy,

When we thus become mindful of Krishna, the fullest reality, we get the supreme satisfaction and attain the fullness of mindfulness.

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