Delight in the devotional chain reaction of faith and knowledge

Faith is the most precious asset on the spiritual path. It enables us to pursue diligently that which we cannot perceive directly: the invisible treasure of love for Krishna. This faith when coupled with spiritual knowledge leads to a devotional chain reaction. Let’s see how:

Faith as the root of knowledge: The Bhagavad-gita (04.39) asserts that the faithful attain spiritual knowledge. Without some initial faith at least in the form of a sympathetic curiosity, we won’t enquire sincerely about the spiritual dimension. And, when some scriptural teachings don’t make sense immediately, the common-sense faith that Krishna’s intelligence is greater than ours will keep us going.

Faith as the fruit of knowledge: We can increase our faith by deepening our spiritual knowledge. For this, we need to scrutinizingly study scriptures like the Gita and appreciate their import by associating with Gita-lovers and Gita-livers. As our knowledge increases, our doubts diminish and disappear. And as we apply that knowledge, magic happens within our heart. Our emotions and values reform; we become more selfless and pure. This amazing transformation naturally increases our faith.

The Devotional Chain Reaction: Our initial faith may be tender, but acquiring spiritual knowledge strengthens our faith. And this enhanced faith inspires us to study scripture more and thereby deepen our spiritual knowledge, which further boosts our faith. Thus faith and knowledge interact in a devotional chain reaction that culminates in life’s supreme attainment: eternal love for Krishna.

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 04 Text 39

“A faithful man who is dedicated to transcendental knowledge and who subdues his senses is eligible to achieve such knowledge, and having achieved it he quickly attains the supreme spiritual peace.”

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