The emptiness within empties everything without

The world allures us with the pleasure of possession, gratification and exhibition. But such mundane pleasures titillate, never fulfill.

They are like painkillers for our sick heart, which pines for lasting love and the enduring fulfillment thereof. Just as no painkiller can cover a disease permanently, similarly, no worldly titillation can remove the inner emptiness. Painkillers eventually take away our capacity to experience anything, even pleasure, because they deaden our consciousness. Similarly does worldly titillation deaden our consciousness, locking it in the realm of matter wherein sensations delude and disappoint in their delivery. Being goaded by the underlying worldview of materialism, our life eventually degenerates into one anti-climax after another. The question increasingly gnaws at our core, “What is the point of it all?” If we are just lumps of matter running around in circles, what is the point of our chasing other lumps of matter, no matter how good they look or feel? Everything becomes discolored, life becomes inane and existence itself seems a burden.

The Bhagavad-gita (16.09) states that those who accept an atheistic, materialistic worldview destroy their soul. This metaphorical usage of the soul refers to our life’s foundational purpose, that which gives meaning and value to our existence. That purpose, our soul, is destroyed when nothing provides fulfillment.

Gita wisdom explains that only Krishna can fill the inner emptiness. When we practice bhakti-yoga and learn to love and serve him, we re-envision our life as a reciprocation of love with him, a reciprocation that can continue beyond this life in our next life too, in a better place and ultimately in his eternal abode.

Inspired by this devotional vision, our life becomes enriched with profound meaning, purpose and joy. The richness within brings richness without, providing us sublime fulfillment both in this life and the next.

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  1. A KRISHNA BHAKTA should not bother emptiness of anything as his heart is teemed with bhakti

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