The Gita enlightens and lightens our life-journey

Suppose we are struggling to walk on a dark road while carrying a heavy burden. If the streetlights turn on, we won’t stumble or go off-track. And if we see that most of our baggage is unnecessary, we will put it aside and walk much easier.

The Bhagavad-gita can similarly ease our life-journey. When things go wrong, our path ahead may appear dark. No path may seem to lead to anything good, as happened to Arjuna at the Gita’s start (1.30). Though he had been standing heroically, bow aloft, ready to fight, distress so burdened him that he put aside his bow and sat down, unable to fight. Such a blinded and burdened Arjuna sought solace in the Gita. And its enlightening and lightening potency is evident in its conclusion (18.73): Arjuna’s illusion was destroyed and his composure, restored.

What is this knowledge that so dramatically transformed Arjuna?

The Gita explains that we all are souls, parts of Krishna. Whatever happens in life, our eternal function is to serve him. When we strive to live this knowledge, our service attitude acts like a flashlight that illumines our next step. And if we keep taking one step at a time, eventually things become clearer. Thus, understanding our identity and purpose enlightens us – it lights our inner world, removing the darkness of confusion.

Gita wisdom further explains that we just have to play the part of the part, and the whole will take care of the whole. We don’t have to worry about things that are not in our control; Krishna will take care of them. Being freed from the crippling burden of trying to take care of things beyond our control, we can focus energetically on the things in our control.

Thus, we all can enlighten and lighten our life-journey by studying the Gita.

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