The inner war may feature coronation or insurrection, but let it not feature execution

In a war for power between a heir apparent and a rebel, if the heir wins, a coronation occurs; if the rebel wins, an insurrection occurs. However, if the heir is caught napping by the rebel, the heir will be haplessly executed.

When we start practicing spiritual life, we launch an inner war for enthroning Krishna as the Lord of our heart. Bent on preventing his coronation are the forces of illusion, wherein the frontline warriors are our pet attachments. Frequently, we let ourselves be seduced by those attachments. This lets the forces of illusion take over our consciousness and send our devotional aspirations to execution. Of course, those aspirations can reincarnate, but the intervening period between our fall and rise can be unpredictably long.

The Bhagavad-gita (04.42) indicates that the weapon for combating illusion is spiritual knowledge. This knowledge trains us to identify our friends and enemies in the inner war. When we study the Gita regularly, we understand that Krishna is our greatest well-wisher, so his coronation equates with our liberation. Once he becomes installed in our heart, we become spiritually satisfied, thereby transcending the lure of worldly temptations.

By regular scriptural study, when we stay equipped with spiritual knowledge, our devotional aspirations may still lose. But they won’t be helplessly executed. Why not? Because spiritual knowledge infuses us with an indefatigable fighting spirit. Even if some temptation overwhelms us temporarily, our regularly cultivated knowledge soon restores our vision. And we rise to fight and recover the lost territory of our consciousness.

When we repeatedly resist the forces of illusion with spiritual knowledge, we become increasingly convinced that they are our enemies. Equipped with that conviction, we repel them firmly from our consciousness, thereafter delighting forever in our blissful loving relationship with Krishna.

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