The internal contains both the infernal and the eternal

We often sense a voice inside us, a voice that sometimes prompts us to do good and sometimes to do bad. We may wonder: Whose voice is this? Is it the voice of someone good or someone bad?

The internal voice is both, Gita wisdom explains. Inside us are many voices which can be broadly classified into two: the voice of the mind and the voice of God. Presently, the mind often acts like our enemy; it comes up with crazy desires and impels us to do hellish or infernal things. Thus, our internal contains the infernal: the mind’s voice.

Additionally, inside us is Krishna, our eternal Lord. He resides there as the indwelling Supersoul. If we hear and heed his voice, he will guide us towards wise choices that promote our all-round well-being. Thus, our internal contains the eternal too: Krishna’s voice.

However, we can’t presently hear Krishna’s voice because the mind’s voice keeps interfering. The mind acts like a third person who speaks loudly while we are trying to hear a second person speak.

As our internal contains the infernal too, we can’t rely on our internal voice alone for guidance. Instead, we need to take Krishna’s external guidance from his words like the Bhagavad-gita, and from those who live and teach his words. The Gita guides us to practice bhakti-yoga for pacifying and purifying the mind. It (06.07) states that when we thus discipline the mind, our inner terrain becomes serene. And we sense Krishna’s voice, thereby transcending external dualities such as heat-cold, pleasure-pain and honor-dishonor.

Thus, when we live by the Gita, using its light to evaluate our internal voices, the resulting purification slowly silences the mind’s infernal voice.  Thereafter, Krishna’s inner voice becomes increasingly audible and attractive, and leads us towards imperishable peace and inalienable joy.

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