The search for security is ultimately the search for spirituality

Some people say, “I am not interested in any spiritual stuff.” They feel uninterested because often they don’t understand what spirituality is. In today’s culture, spirituality often has immense haziness associated with it. People conceive it in myriad ways, and some conceptions of spirituality are far-fetched and irrelevant.

Gita wisdom explains the spiritual clearly as a higher level of reality – it is a non-material yet concrete state of existence where we belong. We are at our core spiritual beings presently occupying physical bodies. The Bhagavad-gita (02.16) indicates that spiritual things are constitutionally eternal, whereas material things are constitutionally temporary.

Our consciousness is presently caught at the material level – we seek pleasure and purpose in material things. Yet because we are spiritual and eternal, the ever-changing nature of material things makes us feel insecure. We seek security through our muscles, our talents, our bank balance and so forth. Yet all such security is also temporary – it won’t protect us when death eventually pounces on us.

By studying the Gita, we understand that whenever we are seeking security, we are ultimately seeking spirituality, even if we are not aware of it. We are looking for something unchanging that will serve as the solid ground for our life and its endeavors. That unchanging foundation is our spiritual core and our relationship with the supreme spiritual whole, Krishna. No matter how many things go wrong, nothing can hurt our spiritual core (02.22) and nothing can make Krishna abandon us (09.30).

We start realizing the indestructibility of spiritual reality when we spiritualize our consciousness by practicing bhakti-yoga. Such elevation of consciousness increasingly connects us with Krishna. Once that connection becomes steady and strong, even if insecurities afflict us at the material level, we can still relish the supreme security in the supreme spiritual reality.

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