Thinking about Krishna is not just redirection of thought but also redefinition of thinking

The Bhagavad-gita’s call to constantly think about Krishna may raise the question, “How is this practical?

To grasp the call’s practicality, we need to first appreciate its profundity; we need to rethink our conception of thinking about Krishna. It’s not just redirecting our thought, like redirecting our vision from one direction to another direction.

Of course, we do need to redirect our thoughts consciously and conscientiously from the tempting and entangling objects in this world to Krishna. But that redirection is meant to stimulate a reconceptualization of our entire worldview. The bhakti worldview explains that Krishna is not another object in this world; so, he is not another object of thought within the world’s many objects of thought. He is the source of everything. And as the source is even now connected with everything, thinking about things in their connectedness with him, in their potential to be used in his service, is also thinking about him.

The Bhagavad-gita (07.06) indicates that everything in existence, being a combination of Krishna’s two energies, material and spiritual, is resting in him. Later, the Gita (10.08) states that those who understand Krishna to be the source of everything become wise and become wholeheartedly devoted to him. This means that both their head and heart become synergistically focused on him, being charmed by their realization of his supreme position.

By practicing bhakti-yoga diligently according to our present capacity, we gradually internalize the reality that Krishna is the source and rest of the many things we think about, that he is the source of the attractiveness of whatever attracts our thoughts, that he is the home for our thoughts that we have always been searching for. When our thinking becomes thus redefined, thinking about Krishna constantly becomes practical and relishable.

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  1. KRISHNA BHAKTI should be your only thought and way of thinking.

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  2. Hare Krishna
    Thank you pr.ji
    I liked the the article. It was really helpful for me to progress in Krishna Consciousness.

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