Those who don’t want to drown have to make waves

Making waves is a metaphorical way of saying that someone does things that are unusual, that attract attention, that create an impression. Some people like to make waves, some people prefer not to make waves.

If someone is in a water body, they need to make waves just to stay afloat and keep swimming, otherwise they drown. The material world we presently inhabit is often compared to an ocean. Herein, the waves flow towards the sense objects, dragging our consciousness towards the material level of reality. If we aspire to cultivate spiritual consciousness and reach the shore of immortality by realizing our core spirituality, we need to swim against the current – something that requires creating waves. That is, we need to make lifestyle choices that go against the trends of today’s materialistic culture.

Of course, while practicing our spirituality, we don’t need to be exhibitionistic, but still we need to be resolute about essential spiritual principles, even if it makes us different from others. If we become too apprehensive about standing out from the crowd and so make only those choices that conform to the world, we won’t be able to stay authentically spiritual – we will drown.

The Bhagavad-gita (02.69) indicates that there exist two kinds of people – materialists and spiritualists – when stating that their conceptions are as different as day and night. Of course, day and night do meet at twilight; so too can people with different defining values find common ground in their shared humanity. We don’t need to aggravate our differences with materialists by being judgmental or condescending towards them. But neither can we let fear about their disapproval undermine our spiritual determination.

By knowing in advance that growing spiritually is a road less travelled, we can gird our determination to persevere, irrespective of the world’s reactions.

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  1. Brilliant analogy!

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  2. Day & Night
    Wave or Drown
    Make your choice right
    or you gone! 🙂

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  3. Insightful. Thank you.

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