Those who obsess over what is wrong overlook what is right

Some people are industrious faultfinders. Whoever they are with, they zero in on the faults of that person. Such people who obsess on the wrong become reservoirs and radiators of negativity. Their faultfinding hurts others, and people often avoid them.

Moreover, their faultfinding mentality hurts them too, especially when they find faults with whatever situation life places them in. Life doesn’t avoid them; it just goes on, and their constant faultfinding with life makes them filled with negativity and bitterness.

Our intention is the director of our vision. And the intentional obsession with faults, the Bhagavad-gita indicates, is the opposite of the disposition of the godly. The Gita (16.02) states that the godly are averse to faultfinding.

Certainly, if we have the capacity and the inspiration to set some wrong things right, we should do so. But we shouldn’t let this blind us to the spiritual awareness that an intelligence far greater than ours is shaping life’s flow. The Gita states that the world moves ultimately under Krishna’s control (09.10) and that his grace can take us beyond obstacles if we just become conscious of him (18.58).

The assurance of divine protection, thus, comes with a caveat regarding the direction of human vision. We need to direct our vision towards Krishna and the things that remind us of him, of his omnipotence and his benevolence. The most powerful reminders are scriptural study, mantra meditation and spiritual association. All these inspire us to become conscious of Krishna, not obsess over the wrong things that have occurred as karmic consequences of the actions others or we have done when not spiritually conscious.

When we seek absorption in Krishna even when surrounded by wrong things, we increasingly see his magical mercy orchestrate things to bring good even out of the bad.

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