Those who rail at destiny derail themselves

When we face reversals, we may rail at destiny, “Why is destiny so unfair to me?” It’s natural to feel bad when bad things happen. However, what is not natural is to wallow in those bad feelings.

Time’s three phases – past, present and future – are like rails on which life naturally moves. And our consciousness is meant to move progressively along these rails. Railing at destiny derails our consciousness; while life keeps moving on, we lie by the wayside, stuck in thoughts of resentment, self-pity and negativity.

Maturity begins with recognizing reality. What’s happened has happened. What’s been done has been done. What can’t be changed can’t be changed. If we keep resenting that which is unchangeable, we waste the energy better used to change the changeable. By accepting the unchangeable, we free ourselves for improving the improvable. The Bhagavad-gita (02.57) states that those who don’t rant at the unpleasant are wise.

Such pragmatic acceptance becomes easier when we internalize a spiritual worldview. Gita wisdom explains that we are at our core indestructible souls; we are parts of a whole, Krishna, who is our eternal benefactor; he can expertly bring good even out of the bad. We just need to keep our consciousness on life’s rails with the conviction: “No matter what happens, I am meant to serve Krishna.”

So rather than asking, “Why?” we need to ask, “How? How, O Krishna, can I serve you now amidst this reversal?” When we adopt this purpose-centered learning attitude, the darkness of resentment gives way to devotional hope, and we sense Krishna’s reassuring hand guiding us. We discover small steps we can take, paths that beckon us, and doors that open before us. Feeling thus reassured that Krishna still has a plan for us, we move forward on life’s rails, towards growth and fulfillment.

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