Thought is perfected in thinking of that which is beyond the grasp of thought

Some people ask, “Scripture says that God is beyond the grasp of our thought. Yet it asks us to think about him. Why?”

Because thinking about him elevates and purifies us.

Let’s unpack this.

The Bhagavad-gita (13.13) states that the Absolute Truth is the object of knowledge (jneya). Yet the same Gita chapter states later (13.16) that the Absolute Truth is unknowable (avijneya). This begs the question: What is the point in trying to know that which is unknowable?

The point is not to fully know the Absolute Truth, but to expand our capacity to know, thereby increasing our attraction to the Absolute Truth. Gita wisdom explains that the Absolute Truth is non-different from the supreme spiritual reality, God, Krishna.

To know Krishna, we naturally need to think about him. Though he is too great to be grasped by human thought, still thinking about him expands our capacity to think about higher truths, just as lifting weights expands our muscles. Of course, while thinking about him, we need to let scriptures and sages guide our thinking. Obsessing over intricate or esoteric aspects of philosophy and theology can confuse us, just as lifting an excessively heavy weight can injure us.

When we adopt a progressive, guided approach in thinking of Krishna, we understand him more and more. Although we will never understand him fully, still we can understand him enough to become irresistibly attracted to him, thereby raising our consciousness spiritually towards him. Additionally, by thinking about the one who is all-pure and all-purifying, we become purified of unworthy thoughts and permeated with thoughts of loving service to him.

Gradually, when we regularly focus our thoughts on Krishna, our thinking becomes perfected – it leads us towards life’s supreme perfection: eternal love for Krishna.

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  1. Deep devotion to KRISHNA leads to SUPREME PLEASURE.

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