Thwart the thought that can throttle all thought

Suppose we have many tabs open in our computer browser – and suppose one of those tabs goes to an unsafe page that puts some malware into our computer, thereby freezing it.

Our mind is like a computer browser in which are open many tabs in the form of different thoughts associated with various things we perceive in the outer world. Thoughts of tempting objects can captivate us so totally that our thinking becomes throttled, that is, we become incapable of any productive thought. The Bhagavad-gita (02.62-63) cautions that contemplation on sense objects triggers an inner storm which hurls us through the stages of infatuation, obsession, infuriation, delusion, oblivion and stupefaction to the nadir of self-destruction.

We may nonchalantly entertain many different thoughts, just as we may nonchalantly click on different links. However, just as one unsafe link can cause a computer to crash, one unhealthy thought can cause our life to crash. To protect ourselves, we need to begin by recognizing the consequentiality of our thoughts.

While surfing the net, seasoned netizens are discerning about which links they open. And they use appropriate software to alert them whenever they visit an unsafe link. Similarly, while observing things around us, we need to be vigilant about which thoughts we entertain. And we need to equip our intelligence with Gita wisdom which alerts us to potentially dangerous thoughts.

The Gita also equips us with the process of bhakti-yoga for connecting with the all-attractive supreme, Krishna. He is the whole whose parts we are eternally, and he is the object of the most uplifting and satisfying thoughts. By practicing bhakti-yoga diligently, when we habituate ourselves to thinking of Krishna, we go beyond the lure of unsafe worldly links, for we become busily absorbed in exploring and relishing a whole new universe of exciting devotional links.

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