To be brave, we don’t need to be free from fear, we just need a purpose bigger than fear

Whenever we are called to do something that is difficult and dangerous, we may feel apprehensive and think, “As I am feeling so much fear, maybe I am not brave enough to do this.”

However, the brave aren’t necessarily free from fear. More fundamentally, freedom from fear is not always desirable. Fear is often a healthy and necessary indicator of danger; it protects us from foolhardiness. But when fear dominates and paralyzes us, that fear needs to be surmounted. How? By pursuing a purpose bigger than fear.

Suppose we feel afraid to drive in the dark. But suppose a loved one has a medical emergency at night and we are the only one available to drive them to the hospital. If we focus on the purpose of caring for our loved one, that purposefulness will empower us to brave our fears and drive through the dark.

We all can acquire a purpose bigger than fear by studying Gita wisdom. It explains that we are souls on a multi-life journey of spiritual evolution toward Krishna, the all-attractive Supreme. Every situation we face, no matter how it has circumstantially originated and how scary it appears, is a step in that evolution. If we take that step as well as we can, we become more evolved individuals and thereby contribute to creating a better world.

Moreover we aren’t alone in pursuing our evolution; our omni-potent, omni-benevolent Lord, Krishna, is always with us. And he is eager to empower us if we take up the baton of serving him.

Those who are convinced about these spiritual truths, those with a divine nature, can push on despite their fears (Bhagavad-gita 16.01).

The Gita stands ready to empower all of us with a purpose that dwarfs fear.

Think it over:

  • How can we be brave even if we aren’t free from fear? Explain with an example.
  • How does Gita wisdom provide us a purpose bigger than fear?
  • Which fear most often holds you back? What purpose is bigger than that fear for you?

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  1. JAPA makes you brave

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    • Japa gives you focus inner strength and ability to observe an prioritise thereby creating a purpose bigger than fear.

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