To get Krishna, get absorbed in Krishna

The word “get” can refer to comprehension (“I get what you are saying”) and attainment (“I will get that award”). In both these senses, we can get Krishna only by getting absorbed in him. Let’s see how.

Comprehension: When some things about Krishna’s philosophy or pastimes seem difficult to understand, we can’t get them just by intellectual exertion. Krishna is not a concept to be cracked; he is a person, and the supreme infinite person at that. With our finite intelligence, we can’t understand the infinite, unless he by his infinite grace reveals himself to us. When we strive to please him by our devotional attitude, he illumines us from within (Bhagavad-gita 10.10).

Of course, we can and should use our intelligence to understand Krishna as much as possible. And much about him will make profound sense. But when some things elude us, we can choose to go beyond shedding intellectual sweat to striving for devotional absorption.

Attainment: Krishna resides in his eternal abode, and we aspire to attain him by attaining his abode. But he also pervades all of existence by his immanence. In his Supersoul manifestation, he is with us in our hearts right now. He is just one thought away from us, always. The more we learn to direct our thoughts towards him by practicing bhakti-yoga, the more we can perceive his presence. Indeed, if we fix our mind and intelligence on him, we already reside in him (12.08). And by such inner absorption, we will eventually attain him in his abode too (08.07).

Therefore, if we feel disheartened thinking that we aren’t intellectual enough to understand Krishna or aren’t pure enough to attain him, we can remember that we just need to increase our absorption in him. And he will grant us both comprehension and elevation to his abode.

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  1. “He is just one thought away from us, always.”
    Thank you Prabhu ji for sharing this wonderful insight 🙂

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  2. JAPA will get you KRISHNA in yourself

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  3. Beautiful, thank you so much 🙏 Jai Shri Krishna! 🙏💛❤️

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