To see through everything is to see nothing

The purpose of seeing through something is to see to something. A see-through window in our car helps us see things outside the car. If we were to see through everything, we would see nothing.

Such is the plight of those who try to see through faith in God. They deem it an emotional crutch for the mentally weak. By such psychoanalysis, they argue that God has no objective existence – he is just a subjective longing.

However, psychoanalysis can cut both ways. It can be argued that the denial of God is a crutch for the licentious, for silencing their sense of accountability to any higher reality and justifying their self-centered indulgence. Such psychoanalyzing implies that atheism has no rational basis – it is just an expression of atheists’ sentimental craving.

The point is that if we keep seeing through things, we end up with nothing to see to. Those who see through endlessly end with metaphysical relativism, wherein all thought-systems that postulate any deeper reality are relativized into falsity. Strangely, metaphysical relativists relativize everything except relativism, thus exposing their ideology’s fatal self-contradiction. Pertinently, the Bhagavad-gita (16.08) identifies as demoniac the mentality that denies all truth.

Significantly however, wanting to see through things is not bad; it can reflect intelligence. But intelligence needs to be used constructively, to deepen our understanding of things – not destructively, to deny the very existence of all things. When arguers deny the existence of everything, they unwittingly deny the existence of their own intelligence because everything includes their intelligence.

Gita wisdom helps us see through things constructively, by revealing what to see to: Krishna, the all-attractive Absolute Truth. The Gita (07.06) explains everything to be Krishna’s energy. When we thus see through everything to its all-attractive source and become devoted to him, such seeing brings supreme fulfillment.

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