Turn to God not to get something, but to be with Someone

When we face problems beyond our power to solve, we often seek God’s help. Echoing this, the Bhagavad-gita (07.16) states that the distressed, the wealth-seekers, the curious and the knowledgeable are the four kinds of people who approach him.

Among them, the Gita (07.17) states that the best are the knowledgeable, specifically those whose knowledge inspires them towards one-pointed devotion. Why are they the best? Because they approach Krishna not for what he provides but for who he is – the all-attractive, all-loving supreme person. The ultimate fulfillment is found in lovingly connecting with him and living in his sweet presence. Because the devotion of the knowledgeable doesn’t depend on getting something, it stays sublimely steady.

In contrast, when we approach Krishna to get something, if we get it, we thank him and move on, turning to him again only in future times of need. And if we don’t get the desired result, we give up our devotional practice, considering it unfruitful.

Why may we not get what we seek? Does Krishna not care for us? Of course, he does; he is our greatest well-wisher (05.29). But he provides as per his plan, which often varies from ours. Our plan often centers on our material gratification, whereas his plan centers on our spiritual evolution. That’s why if we turn to him simply for getting something, we may end up disappointed.

If we study the Gita, however, we understand that Krishna’s presence is far more enriching than his presents. Thereafter, whether we get worldly things or not, we wholeheartedly connect with him, just to bask in his soothing, strengthening, sanctifying presence. And we realize that he is Someone whom we know, yet don’t know, for his glories are unlimited. Being with him is an eternal ecstatic process of delightful discovery.


Think it over:

  1. Can you list the four kinds of people who approach God?
  2. If we turn to Krishna to get something, why may we be disappointed?
  3. What understanding can inspire us to connect with Krishna wholeheartedly?

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  1. Enlightening and Inspiring simple explainations in interesting way.
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  2. Hare Krishna,
    Very nice title and explanation.

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  3. GOD is in everybody’s heart but none recognize it

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