We are always directed, but we can choose our director

We often feel that we are free to act in whichever way we choose. Yet all of us are impelled by forces beyond our own will to act in particular ways. The conglomerate of such forces that comprise the conditionings we have acquired by our past choices, both in this and previous lives – that conglomerate is called as our nature or svabhava.

Our dharmic duties channel our psychophysical nature to both make constructive contributions to society and raise our consciousness spiritually by acting in yogic selflessness.

Sometimes, the call of our dharmic duty honoring which is central to the engine that powers our spiritual evolution is demanding. At such times, we may choose the easy way out by seeking some other course of action that seems less demanding. But our nature will impel us to act, even if we temporarily find that kind of action unpalatable.

Thus, the Bhagavad-gita informs Arjuna who circumstantially finds unpalatable his duty as a martial guardian of society that he will fight being impelled by his nature – if he doesn’t fight for the cause of dharma, he will end up fighting for a cause that is not dharmic.

The Gita therefore urges Arjuna to surrender to the indwelling Lord, who is his Lord and is the Lord of material nature. By such surrender, he will attain lasting peace and the enduring destination.

By recognizing that we are controlled by material nature, we can abandon the futile attempt for absolute freedom and use our finite free will to choose our director wisely. Instead of being directed by material nature, we can choose to be directed by the Lord of material nature, Krishna. He is our greatest well-wisher. And if we just cooperate with him, he helps us bring out our best and attain the best destination.

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