We can’t avoid being controlled, but we can choose our controller

We all are controlled by our mind and senses. They allure us with promises of pleasure, and drag us here, there and everywhere. Addicts become controlled by the object of their addiction and the suppliers of that object. At a broader level, we all become controlled by those material objects in which we seek pleasure.

Even if we lead simple and relatively detached lives, still we are controlled by our bodies which subject us to the miseries of old age, disease and death. The Bhagavad-gita (15.07) indicates that we remain shackled to our mind and senses as long as we neglect our spiritual identity as eternal parts of Krishna.

The best way to break free from the control of our mind and senses is by placing ourselves under the control of the supreme controller – Krishna, our all-attractive, all-loving Lord. He is the whole, and we are his eternal parts. When we submit to him by practicing bhakti-yoga, we gradually relish a sublime spiritual fulfillment that makes the mind and senses more controllable.

Unfortunately, we often resent submitting to Krishna’s control because we fear that by such submission we will lose our freedom. But we overlook the unpalatable reality that we have already lost our freedom, to our mind and senses. And they are abusing their control over us; they are deluding and degrading us with treacherous promises of pleasure. In contrast, Krishna will illuminate and elevate us when we mold our life according to his guidelines.

By acknowledging that we can never be not controlled and that we are best off by choosing the most benevolent controller rather than fantasizing futilely of being free from all control, we can wholeheartedly practice bhakti for changing our controller from the things that give misery to the one who gives ecstasy.

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  1. Thank you so much Chaitanya Charan das for these daily meditations on the Gita. Your insightfulness and stories are valuable for me to better understand the Gita every day. I may not comment often, but I definitely read these every day – sometimes re-reading throughout my day when I need to re-foucus on Krishna.

    Hare Krishna

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    • Thank you, Mike P, for your appreciation. Am grateful to know that my writings are of service to you in coming closer to Krishna’s timeless words of wisdom.

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  2. We must choose KRISHNA as our controller

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