We don’t just have a relationship with Krishna – we are a relationship with Krishna

One of the fields in a Facebook profile is relationship status. Some of us may fill it with “none” to indicate that we are not in any active relationship. In making this entry, we treat relationship as something external to us, something we may or may not have – somewhat like a possession. Just as someone may say, “I don’t have a car,” we say, “I don’t have any relationship.”

This possession-conception is valid for our relationships with everyone except Krishna. Our relationship with him is not just our possession – it is our definition. He is the Absolute Truth, the complete whole of whom we are eternal parts, as the Bhagavad-gita (15.07) states. That we are parts of Krishna is integral to our defining identity. Our relationship with him is not an optional possession; it is our essential definition.

As an example, consider our relationship with the human race. Our humanity is not an external possession – it’s our definition; it’s who we are. Similarly, Krishna is the whole and we are his parts – we are that relationship with him. Actually, our relationship with Krishna is more defining than our relationship with humanity. In our next life, we may not be humans; as souls, we may transmigrate to some other species. But we will still remain parts of Krishna.

Of course, we can deny our relationship with Krishna by acting materialistically instead of devotionally. Such a denial does us no good, however. It makes us seek material pleasures by following our mind and senses, a search that leads only to struggle and trouble. Instead, when we accept our identity and reorient our life as a loving service to Krishna, we relish the spiritual happiness that is our natural right as blissful parts of the blissful whole.

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  1. human relationship is temporary bur relationship wit the Almighty always helps us in all lives

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