We need Krishna’s experience more than Krishna’s explanation

Krishna’s experience refers to our experience of the peace and bliss that comes when we connect with Krishna and relish a spiritual experience.

Krishna’s explanation refers to his infusing within us an understanding of what is happening and why.

Sometimes, life puts us in such perplexities that we just can’t figure out why things are happening the way they are. The why question is often difficult to answer, especially when addressed to specifics. Generically, things happen by the law of karma. Specifically, however, the Bhagavad-gita (04.17) states that the intricacies of karma are abstruse.

Rather than agonizing over the specifics of why something is happening, we can focus on the universal purpose of this world and of everything within it. That purpose is to provide us opportunity and impetus to redirect our love from the world to the source of the world, the all-attractive whole, Krishna, whose parts we are eternally.

The Gita aids us in fulfilling this purpose by explaining the glory of Krishna and by delineating the process of bhakti—yoga for connecting with him, thereby experiencing him. The Gita (09.02) states that bhakti practice is joyful – after all, it connects us with the one who is the reservoir of all joy. And the Gita concludingly declares that Sanjaya, the narrator of the Gita, is thrilled by remembering Krishna’s message and vision – both of which comprised profound spiritual experiences for him.

During the course of our life, even if some things don’t make sense, we needn’t let the head’s need for explanation come in the way of the heart’s much deeper and stronger need for experience. And bhakti-yoga is the time-honored process by which millions for millennia have connected with Krishna. If we just seek to take his shelter, we will relish his greatness and sweetness, thereby transcending worldly problems.

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