We need to know that which we can’t not know

We can’t afford to not have a map if we are on a road that ends in a free fall from a cliff into a deep valley and if the map can show us an alternative, safer way.

Our life-journey is headed to a fatal free fall at death. Or is it? Thankfully, no, provided we take guidance from the spiritual map of life offered by Gita wisdom. This map reveals how we are indestructible spiritual beings; how we are parts of the all-attractive supreme, Krishna; and how we can relish immortal joy by connecting lovingly with him through bhakti-yoga practice. We can appreciate the reality of this spiritual map through both intuition and realization.

Intuitively, we treat our life as meaningful. When we are faced with life-shaping decisions, we decide cautiously, wanting to create the best life for ourselves. And yet life itself can be squelched out with utter nonchalance at any moment by a bug or a bang. Death’s suddenness and irreversibility make life seem so meaningless – a meaninglessness that strikes us as profoundly counterintuitive.

Finding such a counterintuitive life-conception unbearable, we deny death. We treat our mortality as something that will happen in the distant future and busy ourselves in pursuing worldly enjoyments. Till death comes along as the unavoidable party-pooper.

Thankfully however, we don’t have to labor under a counterintuitive life-conception. We can let our intuition of life’s meaningfulness prompt us to explore the Gita’s life-map. Pertinently, the Bhagavad-gita (16.24) recommends scripture as life’s guidebook. When we mold our life according to Gita wisdom, we increasingly realize how much meaning and fulfillment it has brought into our life – and how impoverished our life was without it.

Being thus illumined by intuition and realization, we understand that Gita wisdom is the knowledge we can’t not have.

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