What needs to be done needs to be done well

At the Bhagavad-gita’s start, Arjuna faces the unpalatable task of fighting against his venerable elders – a fight he would much rather have avoided. But Krishna (03.30) urges him to fight any such lethargy and do his duty in a mood of devotion.

In our daily life, we too may face some unwanted complications that sucks a lot of time, which we feel could be better used for direct devotional service to Krishna. If the circumstance is unchangeable, we have to do whatever needs to be done. But if we do the needful half-heartedly, we may cause problems to others who depend on us to do our part competently. And we may cause problems to ourselves by getting a bad reputation or by having to spend time re-doing the incompetently done task.

Doing our part responsibly, even when we find it unlikeable or unimportant, can be seen as an exercise of self-discipline. Such exercise develops our willpower muscles, which we can later use for more likeable or worthwhile things including direct devotional activities. And, who knows, Krishna may, by his inconceivable infinite wisdom, open through the complication some new avenue of service.Of course, to maintain such a devotional vision, we need to do direct devotional activities whenever we can. But while we are materially entangled, we can do the needful in a mood of service to Krishna, understanding that that situation, like every situation, is ultimately his arrangement for our ultimate benefit.

By thus seeing the unpalatable situation positively, not just as a distraction from Krishna but also as a potential arena for service to him, we can function less reluctantly, thereby doing our part in clearing the ground for doing that which we long to do: absorb ourselves in Krishna.

Appreciating Krishna’s immanence integrates recollection and participation
Why bother whether the glass is half-empty or half-full when you can drink from either?

Author: Chaitanya Charan Das

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