What we look for in the world is not to be found in the world

We all are innately pleasure-seeking. In our quest for pleasure, our senses constantly look for enjoyable objects.

Seeking such objects, people travel from one city to another, one country to another, one continent to another. Yet pleasure eludes everyone. This is evident from the sobering truth that even celebrities who have the best sense objects are still depressed, addicted, even suicidal.

Why do the sense objects not deliver the promised pleasure? Because everything in this world, including the most attractive sense objects, are all temporary and can at best offer us temporary pleasure, whereas we all are looking for lasting pleasure, specifically the pleasure of lasting love. We all long to love and be loved – and do so forever. Such lasting love can’t be found in this temporary world. Then, where can it be found? At the eternal spiritual level of reality.

Gita wisdom explains that we are eternal spiritual beings, and are parts of the supreme spiritual being, Krishna, meant to delight in immortal love for him. In that love is longing for happiness perfectly and perennially fulfilled.

Nothing in this world, however good-looking, can replace Krishna. That’s why we need to redirect our longing from the world to him. While focusing on him, if the world distracts us, we can remember the eye-opening Bhagavad-gita insight: whatever is attractive in this world actually manifests a spark of his splendor (10.41).

Bhakti-yoga practice connects our consciousness with Krishna, giving us glimpses of his supreme sweetness. Enriched with that taste, we can see the world’s attractive objects not as independent sources of pleasure but as pointers towards their all-attractive source. When we thus devote ourselves to Krishna with increased conviction, we rise to spiritual consciousness to relish forever the happiness we have been seeking for lifetimes.

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