Reality is more fascinating than what we have been allowed to believe

Today’s mainstream ideology is materialism, which doesn’t allow people to believe in non-material or spiritual truths. In the materialistic conception of life, the only possible enjoyment is material enjoyment, and reality is interesting to the extent it offers material enjoyment. But all materially enjoyable objects are limited and all material pleasures are finite, so the enjoyment available in the materialistic worldview is inescapably temporary. And when no enjoyment is available, reality becomes boring.

In delightful contrast, the Bhagavad-gita (06.30) indicates how an advanced spiritualist sees Krishna everywhere. As Krishna is the reservoir of all happiness, this vision makes reality constantly fascinating. Such a vision is perceived not through one’s material senses, but through one’s spiritual senses.

Our spiritual senses are presently dormant, but we can awaken them by the process of devotional service centered on mantra meditation. The divine sound of mantras aligns our spiritual sense perception with the vision of advanced spiritualists. This alignment enables us to discover that reality is much more fascinating than what dogmatic materialism has allowed us to believe.

Where the material senses see only the purposeless motions of matter according to impersonal laws and mechanical forces, the spiritual senses see the purposeful actions of a benevolent God. Where the material senses see worldly happenings only as favorable or unfavorable or immaterial for our self-centered enjoyment, we now see worldly happenings as potential forums for learning and growth. We understand that Krishna can use these events as timely demonstrations of the timeless truths he has taught in the Gita, especially the supreme truth of his unfailing love for us. Once we start seeing life as a school for experientially learning spiritual truths, reality becomes endlessly fascinating as a setting for the demonstration of those empowering truths.

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 06 Text 30

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Author: Chaitanya Charan Das

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