When spiritual life seems dry and tasteless….

As spiritual seekers, we sometimes go through dry phases when our devotional practices seem to give us no happiness.

More often than not, the cause of this tastelessness is misdirection of our consciousness. A person who has no aesthetic sensibility finds nothing to relish in a work of art, even when it is an artistic masterpiece. Similarly, those of us who have no spiritual sensibility find nothing to relish in the remembrance of Krishna, even though it is the sweetest and most satisfying experience in all of creation. Of course, all of us as spiritual beings do have an innate spiritual sensibility, but it is presently dormant. All our spiritual practices are meant to arouse and activate this dormant sensibility and thereby enable us to relish the remembrance of Krishna.

However, when we let ourselves get carried away by prospects of material enjoyment, they sedate our spiritual sensibility. The Bhagavad-gita (02.44) states that when sensual indulgence and financial opulence infatuate our consciousness, they render us impotent to experience devotional happiness. Consequently, we become desensitized and even deadened to spiritual experiences. Being bereft of higher spiritual joys, we inevitably get dragged down to materialistic fantasies and depravities.

Fortunately, Gita wisdom can provide us the discrimination to recognize the futility of these material allurements and the determination to dislodge them from our consciousness. Then we can redirect our heart to Krishna, regain our lost spiritual sensibility and relish the supreme joy of remembering him.

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