When the distance between us and God seems unscalable …

We sometimes succumb to such improper actions and succumb so frequently and so grievously that we may feel that there is an unscalable distance between us and God. Thankfully, that is not true. Even if we have turned away from God, still God has not turned away from us. Constitutionally, we are always parts of God (Bhagavad-gita 15.07)

Then, what pulls us apart? Our mind and senses, or more precisely, our desire to enjoy worldly pleasures presented to us through our mind and senses. Though we may crave and slave for such pleasures and never even think of God, he never stops thinking of us — he is always our well-wisher (05.29).

The unscalable-seeming distance between us and Krishna can be scaled by something as simple and seemingly insignificant as a thought. If we think about Krishna, we direct our consciousness toward him, and our conscious awareness becomes our link with him. 

Thinking about Krishna is easy, but thinking regularly about him is not easy, because our thoughts are affected not just by our intention, but also by our inner world’s inclinations and our outer world’s situations. Therefore, to connect with him regularly, we need to reshape our outer situation so that there are greater devotional stimuli that can prompt thoughts about him, which will gradually purify and reshape our inner inclinations. Once our consciousness becomes attached to Krishna, then we can not only feel his proximity, but also relish his beauty and his supreme sweetness. Then, no matter what life brings upon us, we will always perceive his presence and will never be lost to him, nor will he be ever lost to us (06.30).

One-sentence summary:

Even if we are far apart from God we are forever parts of God — and are just a thought away from him. 

Think it over:

  • How is Krishna never far away from us?
  • How can we connect with Krishna?
  • How can we ensure that Krishna is never lost to us?


06.30: For one who sees Me everywhere and sees everything in Me, I am never lost, nor is he ever lost to Me.

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  1. GOD is within you,but you don’t realise it

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