When the Infinite is discovered, the infinitesimal is uncovered

Love is our innate need – we all long to love and be loved. However, in searching for love, we may get lost. When people fall in love with someone but are prevented by circumstances from uniting with their beloved, they may even lose their sanity. Or they may misdirect their love towards insentient objects such as alcohol or video games or even work. Even if such misdirection doesn’t cost them their sanity, still that attachment increases the covering on their consciousness, thereby obscuring their awareness of their spiritual identity.

The Bhagavad-gita (02.44) cautions that as long as we are attached to worldly pleasures, we can’t focus on or even perceive spiritual reality. In fact, if we aren’t spiritually connected, we can’t have intelligence, mental clarity, inner peace or meaningful happiness (02.65).

What, then, is the way to fulfill our longing for love? We need to find the supremely attractive object of love. Gita wisdom reveals that object to be Krishna. Indeed, all attractive things manifest a spark of Krishna’s all-attractiveness (10.41).

When we understand Gita wisdom, we start appreciating Krishna’s attractiveness. And when we practice bhakti-yoga, we become connected with him and start accessing his attractiveness. The more we relish his supreme sweetness, the more we lose our attraction for worldly pleasures.

When we thus discover Krishna – that is, we realize that he is the reservoir of everything attractive, that he is the eternal Lord of our heart and that he is the one whom we are longing for – that is the time when we truly discover ourselves. How? We become uncovered of all the conditionings that have been obscuring our awareness of our identity and destiny. By our attraction to him and absorption in him, our soul becomes uncovered. And our potency to relish life and love eternal becomes manifested.

Think it over:

  • How may our love cover us?
  • What happens if we are spiritually disconnected?
  • How does discovering Krishna uncover us?


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  1. infinite is the world and infinitesimal is the heart

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