Why should Krishna get less from us than what our boss gets?

When we practice bhakti, we may feel, “I have too much service to do. Why am I being stretched so much?”

Sometimes, we may be overburdened. But frequently, our mind may be justifying its laziness, its tendency to choose the path of least resistance.

Our lethargic mind also complains about our office workload. In spite of its complaints, we persevere at work, knowing that our job is a matter of our livelihood. But we often treat our spiritual life as an optional activity to be done when it feels good and to be abandoned when it doesn’t.

However, such a feeling-based practice of bhakti keeps us spiritually under-developed. Why? Because bhakti centers on developing a loving relationship with Krishna. And every serious relationship requires firm commitment that is not swayed by fickle sentiment. Pertinently, the Bhagavad-gita (09.14) recommends that we serve Krishna determinedly – that is, without quitting because of obstacles, including the obstacle of a complaining mind.

But might we not sometimes be genuinely overburdened? Yes. To assess our situation honestly, we can consider our response in a similar professional situation. If our boss asked us to do some extra work, would we refuse? Usually not. Occasionally, we might, when the workload is unreasonably excessive. But we won’t nonchalantly refuse just because we don’t feel like working.

Just as we stretch ourselves for our boss, we can similarly stretch ourselves for Krishna. When we thus give Krishna our best, he gives us a reward far greater that what any boss can ever give. Our boss gives a paycheck that provides temporarily for some of our needs in this mortal world. In contrast, Krishna reveals his all-attractiveness and helps us become lovingly absorbed in him, thereby fulfilling eternally our deepest need for unending love, both in this world and beyond it too.


Think it over:

  • Why does a feeling-based practice of bhakti keep us spiritually underdeveloped?
  • How can we know if we really have too much service or if our mind is misleading us?
  • When we stretch ourselves for Krishna, how does he reward us?

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