You are no stranger to God

If we need to approach an important person for some help, we will hesitate if we had no prior relationship with him. But if he recognizes us, “I know you – you are the grandson of so-and-so,” then our apprehension will melt away, and we can communicate freely.

Similarly, when we seek help from the supremely important person, God, we may hesitate if we haven’t worshiped him much earlier. Thankfully however, though we may not know Krishna, he knows us. And he knows us not through his connection with someone connected with us, but through his direct connection with us. He is our supreme parent (Bhagavad-gita 09.17). He not only knows us personally, but also loves us greatly – unlimitedly in fact. Even if we haven’t worshiped him earlier, he is pleased that at least now we have come to him; he calls those who approach him pious (sukritinah: Gita 07.16) and large-hearted (udarah: Gita 07.18).

By contemplating this comforting reality that we are no strangers to Krishna, we can shed our apprehensions in calling out to him. He will help us, whatever be our purpose in approaching him. But if we aspire to develop a loving relationship with him, then that aspiration pleases him the most because by that relationship alone can we find relieve from all distress. We are like the Prodigal Son, and God is the father who rejoices at his son’s return – and all the more so when the son returns not to ask for money and wander off again, but to stay for good.

Gita wisdom explains that we are eternal souls meant to delight in immortal love for Krishna. The Gita (07.19) indicates that when we understand that Krishna is everything our heart longs for, we become enlightened. Being thus inspired to love him purely, we gradually attain everlasting fulfillment.

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  1. Pranaama Prabhuji
    “I know You” when Krishna says so that is his grandeur.
    It is like the Ocean assuring the drop of water – ‘I know you. You are part of me, embraced by me, sparkled by me.

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  2. God knows everybody but guides only those who recites His name

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